Jeannie LoVullo   

The Imaginative Art of Jeannie Marie LoVullo      

                                                  About Jeannie LoVullo  

Hi everybody!  I'm Jeannie LoVullo.  I was born in 1980 and live in upstate NY. 
        I am very happily married and we have a son as well as 3 teacup chihuahuas.

        I’ve always had a place in my heart for artwork. I grew up in a trailer in Ghent, NY with my parents, my younger sister and much younger brother. We loved running outside in a maze which my dad had mowed from an open, overgrown field. I used to pick tiger lillies, daisies, and morning glories by the fistfuls for my mother and grandmother. My grandmother lived next door so we would spend a lot of time together gardening, baking and painting together. 

        During my school years, I entered and placed in many art contests. I used many different mediums from acrylic to pastels. I also participated in an at-home art college course as well as a "beginners to advanced" art course at the nearby community college. Since I knew more than I even realized, I spent more time helping teach the class than learning anything myself. It was still lots of fun.  I sold my artworks on eBay and at local art shows.  Eventually I began doing custom art by repainting business signs, wall murals, airbrushing tire covers, portraits, and much more.

How do I spend my free time when I am not being artistic? I love to spend time with my family and friends, entertaining, watching movies, baking, and listening to music. 

Who influences me artistically? Julie Fain, Amy Brown, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Boris Vallejo, Nene Thomas and more.

Where do my inspirations come from? Everywhere! Especially in the outdoors surrounded by nature. I can look at almost anything and know exactly how I would share that as a creative art piece.

What singers do I enjoy listening to while painting? Pink, Martina McBride, Bon Jovi, and on & on.

What movies and tv shows do I love to watch and/or listen to while painting? A Walk to Remember, 50 first dates, Sweet Home Alabama, Evolution, Dejavu, Frequency, Maleficent, A Knights Tale, Dirty Dancing, Strictly Ballroom, Avatar, The Notebook, Jack the Giant Slayer, Willow, Labrinyth, Legend, Proposal, America's Got Talent, Reba, Monsters Inside Me, Big Bang Theory, SpongeBob, The Carbanaro Effect,"Food Network, Discovery Channel, Family Channel...."

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